1. Select Your Team

Choose which team whose pictures you would like to see; 

Flag, Tiny Mites, Mighty Mites, Jr. Pee Wee, Pee Wee, Cheer Squads. Just click the team name you want at the top of this page. These team names appear at the top of all pages on the site.

2. Select The Date Of The Game You Want To See

When you select a team you will be taken to the page of that team's photos. The photos are divided by the dates of the games. Here's an example; select "Mighty Mites". That will take you to all pictures of Mighty Mites. Now select the Date/Name of the game; "September 16 vs. Gardena".

3. Start Looking At Pictures!

Once you've selected the team and game you want, the fun begins! Look at all the pictures. When you find the ones you like, find the number of that photo in the bottom right corner, like "4/100", "67/100", etc.

4. Send Me An Email Of Which Prints You Want

After you've found the photos you want prints of, choose what style of print you would like from the selections above (Full Frame, Green, White, Stone or Grass). Now send me an Email with the name of the team, the date of the game, number of the image ("67/100"), style of print (choose from above) and how many prints  you want ("two of #67, one of #4"). PRINTS LARGER THAN 5x7 ARE AVAILABLE, just shoot me an email for details. 

5. Pick up your prints at the Game.

I will bring your prints to the game and you can pay me there, just to save you the cost of mail postage. Cash is always preferred! but can accept Debit card. All orders placed by 12:00 noon Thursday will be ready by Gameday Saturday. Questions? Email or Text me. No sweat.